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Aeromedical management of tracheal tube cuffs

My friends over at #badEM are doing some sterling work to put Africa on the #FOAM map.  This latest post, with some practical investigation by flight medic Jo Park-Ross deserves a good hard look and some introspection.  She makes an impassioned plea for the use of cuff pressure manometers in the aeromedical environment (as they should be used wherever patients are intubated) with the practical demonstration of why it is so important.  Please go and check it out on #badEM.

Cincik on the image to read the post on #bad EM
Click on the image to read the post on #bad EM

AirwayHowTo: Leak test a flexible endoscope

Flexible fibreoptic and video endoscopes are fantastic but expensive pieces of equipment. In order to be maintained in top working condition, they need a little tender loving care. A particular problem occurs when the sheath of the scope becomes damaged or cracked, allowing fluid (especially corrosive cleaning solutions) to enter the inner workings of the scope, causing irreparable damage. The inner workings of the scope are a sealed environment. The patency of the seal – and thus the presence or absence of any damage – can easily be determined by performing a leak test. Although this is usually performed by medical technologists who are looking after the scopes, it can just as be performed quickly by the user while the scope is being prepared, or just before cleaning. Spend 100 seconds watching this brief, unadorned video which will walk you through the process. The demonstration here is using our Storz equipment, but is very similar regardless of the make or model of endoscope.