Thoracic Anaesthesia Skills

A two day combination of lectures, actual/virtual (telemedical) theatre visits for thoracic cases, and hands-on skill training.  The workshop covers theory, physics and physiology of lung isolation and one lung ventilation, patient assessment, concepts in thoracic anaesthesia, and practical skills such as placement of double-lumen endotracheal tubes, bronchial blockers, rigid and flexible endoscopy, etc.  There is also a simulation component in our Sim Theatre.

Lecture notes/presentation slide sets that are available are linked here.  As usual, all content here is shared under Creative Commons for use with attribution, so please feel to share and build on the work with relevant recognition.

This is a very practical workshop, although the main theoretical concerns are covered in expert lectures.  If you are new to the field or feeling rusty, spending some time refreshing your thoracic airway anatomy on the computer simulator and watching the following short videos may help you prepare:

You should also look at the Thoracic #FOAM resources page here on OpenAirway, some of which are reproduced above, but there is more to find on the page!

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