Airway Philosophy

Some more esoteric concepts regarding airway management will follow here.

“The more you sweat in Peace, the less you bleed in War.”


4 thoughts on “Airway Philosophy”

  1. “It is not the same to see than to insert” translated from the Spanish “No es lo mismo ver, que meter”, by Dr. Valentín Madrid, spanish Anesthesiologist (✝2007).

  2. “To preoxygenate and reoxygenate are always before than intubate. If you don’t agree with this academia, prepare to suffer from hypoxemia”.
    It is not the same “succeed at the first attempt than attempt to succeed at first”.

    1. was watching a very interesting presentation at the ANZCA ASA 2022, presented by Ross Hofmeyr. I was unfortunately interrupted halfway through the virtual presentation and missed the remainder of the talk. Would you be have access or will you be publishing the video on your site?

      1. Hi Clint! Which talk was it? I can arrange for you to get access to a copy. I’ll upload the talks here after the ANZCA access ends.

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