Airway Web Resources

Population of this page with resources is ongoing as fast as we can find, vet and upload them 😉  Please leave further suggestions in the comments.

Online Textbooks

Kovacs & Law’s excellent Airway Management in Emergencies is now being updated into an online, open-access “Infinity Edition” with lots of new content (watch this space!).  You can access the AME Infinity Edition here.

Web Pages

There are many good airway sites out there.  OpenAirway aims to complement, not compete, so we will list as many here as possible!

Airway Twitterati :

There is inevitably a twitterstorm about the newest thinking, equipment and concepts in #airway management happening at any hour of the day.  More people and descriptions will follow here – this is just a biopsy of those at the forefront of recollection at the moment.  If you have an airway-themed Twitter account, or post regularly on airway issues, please comment below so that you can be added.  Some of the key handles to watch  are:

LITFL Airway Links:

#airway Twitterfeed:

Coming soon:

  • YouTube channels
  • Open access ENT book
  • Open access airway manual

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