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DAS – Difficult Airway Society

All DAS guidelines are freely available from the downloads section of their web-page. The 2015 edition have just been released at the November 2015 World Airway Management Meeting in Dublin, and the original article in the BJA can be accessed here  The paediatric guidelines are made in co-operation with the APA; obstetric guidelines in association with the OAA have also been released in 2015.  Here are direct links:

Direct links to  PDFs of the guidelines:

The October 2015 article in Anaesthesia discussing the new obstetric guidelines can be accessed here, as can the accompanying editorial.  Some comments and thoughts from OpenAirway are here.

The BJA has a guidelines page with links to other resources, such as the DAS app, which can be accessed here.

ASA – American Society of Anaesthesiologists

ASA 2013 Algorithm

The 2013 update article can be found here on PubMed or get the full article free off the Anesthesiology journal site here.

The Vortex Approach

Yet another cunning thing to come out of Australia and New Zealand, the Vortex approach is a high-stakes cognitive aid designed to be easily remembered and applied by any practitioner.

Canadian Airway Focus Group:

Canadian-ALgorithm-anticipated DTI Canadian-Algorithm-DTI in unconscious pt

Publications (and the diagrams reproduced above) can be found here.

SASA (Southern African Society of Anaesthesiologists)


SASA Airway Guidelines 2014
S Afr J Anaes Analg 2014;20(4)S1-S15


Resuscitation Council of SA

The full set of various algorithms from the RCSA (from choking and basic CPR for laypersons to advanced airway management) is available from the algorithm downloads page.  The RCSA no longer has an algorithm specific to advanced airway management.

All Indian Guidelines (Difficult Airway Association of India, December 2016)

NHS Lanarkshire Cognitive Aid



Included here in the spirit of fun…and recognizing when things are going in the wrong direction:


Open access meducation for all aspects of airway management