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EMGuidance App

OpenAirway has been collaborating with the UCT Department of Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine and the Southern African Society of Anaesthesiologists to include anaesthesia guidelines and reference materials in the Essential Medical Guidance (EMGuidance) app.  Although only currently targeted at South African medics, this free app is accessible to all registered medical practitioners, and includes georeferenced guidelines from around the country.  The content is continually being updated, with some exciting new developments just around the corner.



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Difficult Airway Society Algorithm App

Good suggestion out of the Twittersphere from @Sub_Effect – the Difficult Airway Society (DAS) has a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android which allows you to work through the various algorithms at the click of a thumb.  iDAS includes the following algorithms:

  • RSI Failed Intubation
  • CICV
  • Routine Failed Intubation
  • Overview of Guidelines


Best bit?  It’s free!