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DAS 2021 – Awake Video Laryngoscopy

Selected references can be accessed online via the links here. If you are unable to access a reference, or wish to download a larger set for furhter reading, please click the link for the archive at the bottom.

If you’re struggling access the articles above or would like an EndNote library and further references, you can access a share folder here.

A brief video describing a challenging case managed with awake VL using the CMAC Video Stylet is shown below. (Video prepared for the 2021 Virtual Guy’s Airway Management Course)

COVID Airways Podcast on Critical Care Scenarios

I was honoured to be invited back on the Critical Care Scenarios (@icuscenarios) podcast, to chat this time about airway management in COVID-19, but also talking about how it’s helping to focus improving our emergency airway management in general. Check it out at this link:

IAMM 2021: Access the International Airway Management Meeting content onliNe

This year’s International Airway Management Meeting was fully online, thanks for COVID, but SARS-CoV-2 certainly gave us lots to talk about. The meeting, held over 21-22 May, brought together 44 international experts for online presentations and very robust discussions, and had nearly 50 000 views online. The good news (if you missed it) is that the content is still fully available as an online recording (over 10 hours worth!), which you can access here:

IAMM 2021 Online Congress Recording

The full program is below. You can watch the recording on my talk on “COVID Airway Management: Principles, Projects, Pet Ideas and Proper Evidence” below or by following this link.

Global Airway management in Unstable cervical Spine Survey (GAUSS)

Have you shared your preferences, practice and experience with managing the airway in patients with unstable cervical spine injuries? We have representation from around the world but would still like to expand our sample! If your country is not dark blue or green in the map above, please add your voice:

Participate in Global Airway management of the Unstable Cervical Spine Survey (GAUSS)

Airway ultrasound page launched

New content – we’ve added a static page to OpenAirway to build up a resource of #FOAM content on airway ultrasound. There is quite a lot out there on the great big interwebs, but this should form a kernel of good stuff to get you up to speed, or learn a few nuggets. Please comment on the page if you have additional sources or ideas to suggest. You can find the Airway Ultrasound page here.

Scan the QR code to take you to Airway Ultrasound

Free airway ultrasound e-learning courses

usabcd logo

In the process of collating material for the Airway Ultrasound resources here on OpenAirway, the great free e-learning courses on usabcd have come to light. After registering with the service, you can access the following freecourses (and even take the tests, generating a course certificate):

You’ll need to register, add the courses to your cart and then check out
(total fee 0.00) to gain access to the material. There are plenty of other modules, including FATE, FAST, lung ultrasound and TEE which can be accessed for a fee. Check it out!

Dual endoscopy demo

Here’s a brief clinical example of dual endoscopy using the CMAC VL and VS (video stylet).  This case was performed for teaching purposes, rather than a difficult airway.  Note the endoscopic view appearing as a picture-in-picture is from the editing; the images are on two separate displays.  (It starts a little late due to the author forgetting to press the record button on the device).