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Airway ultrasound page launched

New content – we’ve added a static page to OpenAirway to build up a resource of #FOAM content on airway ultrasound. There is quite a lot out there on the great big interwebs, but this should form a kernel of good stuff to get you up to speed, or learn a few nuggets. Please comment on the page if you have additional sources or ideas to suggest. You can find the Airway Ultrasound page here.

Scan the QR code to take you to Airway Ultrasound

Collaborative ENT/Anaesthesia ‘Shared Airway’ Workshop

We’re hosting this in Cape Town in April.  It’s going to be the first workshop if it’s kind on the continent, and perhaps even in the world:  a combined cadaver and manikin simulation workshop, featuring senior anaesthesia and ENT trainees and specialists working together to solve challenging airway problems in real time.  This will be reinforced by expert didactic input from local leaders in the field.  Places are very limited, but expect feedback and images/video here on OpenAirway.



If you’ve found OpenAirway by search or accident, and the concept of #FOAM (Free, Open-Access Meducation) is new to you, then you’ll find the following video enlightening.  The SMACC (Social Media And Critical Care) meeting is the yearly gathering of #FOAM enthusiasts, although it’s spiritual home, arguably, is within the ether of the Internet.  OpenAirway was proud to be represented at SMACC this year in Dublin – truly an opportunity to interact, connect and be inspired by the best minds in acute and critical care from all disciplines.