Airway Endoscopy for Intubation and Other Uses

This one day workshop picks up where the Core workshop  ends, and provides a videolaryngoscopy masterclass, overview of rigid intubating endoscopes, rigid bronchoscopy, flexible bronchoscopy, and flexible/fibreoptic intubation.  A morning program of brief lectures accompanies the prelearning in the workshop manual and skills practice on manikins.  The afternoon is spent addressing topicalization and analgesia/sedation for awake intubation, followed by a live mutual/self-endoscopy session where the candidates can practice on themselves, each other, and the instructors!  Not to be missed.

The workshop is supplemented by a manual covering the material in detail.  You can prepare in advance by familiarizing yourself with the content in these short training videos:

Want more?  You can access the latest version of the AEIOU workshop manual in PDF format here.

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