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Four methods of endotracheal tube passage in simulated airways – Poster from ICEM 2016

Here’s the poster by Kingma, Hofmeyr, Zeng, Cooramasamy and Brainard that has generated a fair amount of interest (>10k impressions on Twitter).  Full analysis hopefully coming soon to a journal near you.  Bottom line?  In a difficult airway, you’d best be using a bougie or stylet, no matter who you are.  As far as bougies go, preloading rather than railroading is faster and seems better.  Click on the image for a full-resolution PDF (2Mb).


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ICEM2016 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course resources


The first African presentation of the PEMC (Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course) is being run as one of the pre-conference workshops for ICEM 2016 at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital today.  OpenAirway is present, assisting with the airway stations.  Course instructors have given their blessing to host some of the supplementary material online for the #FOAM community, so we have created a PEMC resources page here!  More content will be added as it becomes available.