Algorithms page updated

It’s always a challenge to stay up to date in the field of airway management, but we do try.  The recently published All Indian Difficult Airway Association Guidelines (just released in the December 2016 edition of IJA) have been added to our Algorithms page, as well as an update of the Vortex 2 video and revised links to the Resuscitation Council of South Africa algorithms.  If you spot missing algorithms or broken links, please comment!

4 thoughts on “Algorithms page updated”

  1. Dear Ross: Congratulations for your as ever very clear explanations. Only one detail is that the bougie should be inserted into the trachea from the side and only then rotate to change its orientation caudally.
    All the best to you, Ricardo.

    1. Good comment, Ricardo! Many folks, when learning to use a bougie, follow the blade in the midline, obscuring their view and losing dexterity. Your point reminds us to approach from outside of the axis of view and use the coude tip to rotate into caudal orientation.

  2. Hi Ross! Well, I just followed DAS suggestion of how to insert the bougie. It makes sense to me because first you need to be sure that the tip is inside, and then advance.
    Yes, a similar idea with the tracheal tube: insert the tip from the right side or from the inside, outside the axis of view, so you can keep control. Kind regards from Chile!

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