Iranesthesia Tehran Advanced Airway Workshop 2017

Welcome!  This page serves as a repository for materials and references for the Iranesthesia Advanced Airway Workshop hosted  in December 2017 in Tehran.


To help you prepare and get the most the workshop, we have prepared some pre-learning material on this page.  There are many additional resources – including training videos which you can make use of to prepare for the workshop if you want to learn more – available here on OpenAirway.  See the relevant page links:

Airway Endoscopy

Review this video:

To learn more about the physics and construction of endoscopic airway equipment, you can access these notes, written for the UCT FCA 1 Refresher in 2017:



Rescue intubation through supraglottic airways

Watch these videos:

There is extensive further information and useful training videos on the supraglottic airway (SGA) page here on OpenAirway

Paediatric intubation

For reference materials on paediatric difficult airways, you can download this file:

Paediatric difficult airway reference materials

For more images and ideas, browse these two presentations:

Rigid optical/video stylets


A free reference book for the workshop is the “Core Airway Skills” manual, adapted from “Advanced Airway Management” by Dr John Roos and Prof Ross Hofmeyr.  You can download the second edition of the manual in electronic format here:

Core Airway Skills Manual – Tehran 2017 (v2.0.3)


This workshop would not be possible without the academic support of the Department of Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, and logistical support of Karl Storz GmBH – thank you!

Tehran images used on this page via Wikipedia with thanks to the originators for Creative Commons/open source licence.

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