COVID-19 Airway Management Resources

The currently rapidly evolving pandemic of COVID-19 is producing challenges from the highest medical to the most basic social levels, and the picture changes nearly daily. There are good resources cropping up and being shared via many mediums, so here below we’ll provide some of the material specific to airway management. As this is developing every day, expect things on this page to change and be updated. If your material is shared here and you wish it not to be (or it is not linked or attributed correctly), please leave a comment or contact us. If you have other good material, please leave links in the comments and we will update.

Most important message to be championing to the public is to #flattenthecurve. Encourage social distancing, self-isolation of the ill, hand-washing, cough etiquette, avoiding panic, and encouraging sharing of accurate knowledge.

Anaesthesia-specific COVID-19 Guidance

COVID-19 Airway Management – Infographics and Guidelines

The South African Society of Anaesthesiologists have produced comprehensive airway guidelines which include sets of procedural and equipment checklists and are available open-access or through their COVID-19 resource page. These are complemented by the five training videos below:

SASA COVID-19: Donning Aerosol-Generating PPE
SASA COVID-19: Preparing equipment for airway management and anaesthesia
SASA COVID-19: Induction and Intubation
SASA COVID-19: Extubation

The airway guidelines including all checklists for the above system are available open-access from the SASA COVID-19 resource page, or directly from the living document.

ASPF guidelines infographic
SIAARTI COVID-19 Airway Management Guidelines
Royal London Hospital COVID Intubation SOP
Prof Ellen O’Sullivan summarising airway management advice at the SASA 2020 Congress in mid-March.

PPE for COVID Airway Management

Guidance on what can be considered Aerosol Generating Procedures. If you are the originator of this document or have an updated copy, please contact us.

Open access meducation for all aspects of airway management