Lung Isolation Workshop

Dept Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine

This is a set of resources to support the one-day practical Lung Isolation Workshop run under the auspices of the Department of Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital.  Although there is lots of overlap with our Thoracic Anaesthesia workshop, the one-day OLV workshop is intended to be very practical and focused on rapidly improving technical skills in lung isolation.

Lung isolation in the difficult airway

If you want to read only one or two good summaries of the topic, you should look at Brodsky 2009 – Lung separation and the difficult airway and Campos 2010 – Lung isolation techniques for patients with difficult airway. A collection of resources and references used for the above talk can expand the topic and are to be found here:     DiffAirwayOLV (3.7 Mb download)

Are you looking for easy access to all the tables of equipment sizes for paediatric patients?  See the post (and PACSA 2016 presentation) on OpenAirway here.

Thoracic Anaesthesia Links

  • is an open-access educational resource for thoracic anaesthesia run by a group including the well-known guru, Prof Peter Slinger.
  • Online Bronchoscopy Simulator on – this is a great interactive tool for learning bronchial anatomy.
  • Bronchial Anatomy Quiz on – use this to test your anatomical knowledge before or after using the online bronchoscopy simulator.  You’ll need to register (free) but it is great to assess your improvement and gauge your knowledge.
  • Overview of FOB use in thoracic surgery – link to Brodsky’s excellent missive on the value of clinical determination of DLT placement.
  • OneLung – website and contact information for this thoracic anaesthesia course formulated and based in the UK

Video revision

Flexible endoscopes

Double lumen tubes made ridiculously simple

Arndt Bronchial Blocker

Cohen Bronchial Blocker



Open access meducation for all aspects of airway management